Complete Transportation


Bayraktar transportation is giving  a complete domestic transportation service since 1974. We are submitting special solutions to our clients for this service to enlarge in every day.

– Dispatching throughout Turkey from every points of our country
– Contrary logistic dispatching from suppliers to customer store
– ROT OPTIMIZATION: To locate suitable vehicle  through planned route  timely distribute dispatch
– Discharging from port,railway,airway terminals and customer dispatching
– According to our clients requirements different type of transport with combine transportation service  From Starting point till to destination point
– Services for export domestic collection , import last transport from Turkey ports
– We are realizing fast and safe products delivery  at the right time for our clients doing just in time.
– We are submitting ‘’all risk  insrurance’’ service for all transport options according to our Clients requirements.
– In accordance with complete and distribute inner city dispatching in all our country cities.