Integrated Logistics


Bayraktar is producing special solutions to our clients in logistic area experiences. Our service in this area to give a maximum productivity during difficult present business system,increase of costs which clients are expecting more and better performance and economic  according to this situation.

We are avoiding our clients time and energy loose as a provide more than entegrated transportation in order to supply our clients expectations. İ.e to provide logistic support process and optimization Between persons ,shopping between foundation during decision , all persons role in this process,Adaptation  of foundations and to lift extra costs from area.

Bayraktar is providing optimum solutions from sole one point to bring together all service suppliers and clients in accordance with care leader opinions in this entegration.

Benefits And Consequences of Entegrated Solutions:
– Simplified Flowchart
– Expedited Product Flow
– Observable Processes
– Customers Administrative Workload Decrease
– Productivity Growth, Damage Ratio Decrease
– Expert Persons Direct Process Analysis

Our aim in this area to help and support to our clients with our collected knowledge,well experience ,business ability during their journey to peak.